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Who am I ?

My name is Aude. I am a Franco-Canadian self-taught artist living in Montreal (Quebec) since 2012. I love art in all its forms, cinema, music, good wine, travel and evenings with friends ...

Trained in art history at the Louvre School in Paris, I developed a sense of aesthetics, composition and color arrangement and acquired a solid artistic culture. It is from this rich background that my practice was born.

My practice

I like to create colorful, refined and elegant illustrations and paintings that leave a lot of room for abstraction, interpretation and imagination.

I use for that the mixed techniques (engraving, painting, drawing, collage etc ...) that I like to mix in a single work. Each of my creations is unique and original.

I am inspired by both classical art and what makes up my daily life. I observe the world around me through photography which helps me to develop an iconography of my own and in which the sensitive, the beautiful and the joy of life occupy a preponderant place.

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